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Lingerie Wars - Janet Elizabeth Henderson Lingerie Wars was a quirky and fun read. Henderson's writing reminds me of Nora Roberts only with an generous sense of humor. Like, Roberts if she was doped up on too many pixie sticks.Kirsty Campbell has had a rough couple of years. She had made quite a name for herself in the model industry until a tragic car accident left her body scarred, her bank account empty and her love life in ruins. Trying to pick up the pieces, she moves back to her small Scottish home town to start an underwear shop and try her hand at designing her own line. The business is struggling but her head is above water, if only barely.When Lake Benson show up in town, all her life plans are derailed. Lake is now the not-so-proud owner of the long standing Invertary business, Betty's Knicker Emporium. A business Lake's sister, Rainne, convinced him to buy for her - which she has been spending months running into the ground. Lake has a plan though. Turn the business around, sell it and move on to what he knows best. Security for some international big wigs. He has a short time to make this happen and Kirsty's little lingerie shop across the way is a speed bump he didn't plan on.Kirsty wants to hate Lake but he makes it impossible. Lake is such a great guy. He's got a little cockiness, a great sense of humor and strong sense of protectiveness. Even for Kirsty, who he just met but knows her history and wants to help her heal. He teaches her to fight, fight back, fight him...just fight. By the end the whole town is rooting for these two, and I was as well.The good nature Battle of the Bras that ensues between Lake and Kirsty was adorable and exactly the kind of crazy shenanigans you would expect from an eccentric small village. Invertary is a place where everyone knows everyone's business. Gossip runs rampant and evil game playing is the best source for entertainment. No one knows this better than Betty, the former owner of Betty's Knicker Emporium. I would love for this lady to be in my life. She is old, evil and totally insane and I giggled at most every antic she pulled.Henderson added so many silly little details into the story where other characters were involved, it is a great set up for future titles. I truly am invested in what craziness this town will bring next. From the twin teenagers who sneak out to die a local farmer's sheep pink, to the 'Unofficial Mayor' - who was not elected only because no one bothered to vote, knowing he would win anyway. Lingerie Wars is the type of book that elicits a ton of smiles, some great giggles and a few laugh out louds. It's a, mostly, lighthearted read with a few emotional set backs that pull at your heart and keep you fully invested in the characters and their stories. If your looking for a not too steamy romantic comedy, you'll find it in Henderson's Lingerie Wars.