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Endure (The Protector, #4) - M.R. Merrick My boy Chase is back; bigger, badder and dare I say...more grown up. After three books of Merrick putting this guy through the ringer Chase is no longer taking anything for granted. Chase is a more mature and thoughtful hero but still has his signature smart ass wittiness and he's over taking crap from anyone. Just as before Chase was rash, in Endure he has become a calmer version of himself.Coming off of a tragic loss, Chase is in a downward spiral. He's experiencing some major guilt and a broken heart all while trying to mend some serious physical injuries and get control of his powers that threaten to rip him apart. He also still has an amazing team of friends, followers and allies that convince him the fight to stop his father from releasing the ultimate in god like evil power, is more worth it than ever. "Sometimes in life we have to bear a weight, one that's heavier than anything we should be able to manage. In your case, the weight of the worlds. But you're lucky, Chase - you have people determined to help you carry it."The action is a slow build up in Endure but the drama is there from page one. It's a much more emotional read than the first three in the series as Chase learns the importance of loyalty, friendship and love. The relationship between Chase and Rayna has been slowly growing over the course of The Protector series, but it really smolders in Endure. "I stood completely bare in front of her, and each moment she didn't speak was another lifetime of madness that filled my mind."When the action does start up, it doesn't let up. The second half of Endure will devour you with fights, emotions and trauma. All leading up to one epic ending. A fitting and quite perfect ending to a remarkably well written series.What will stick with me most about The Protector series is the absolutely endearing characters Merrick has created and the broad audience books like these will appeal to. If you are a character driven reader, you'll find many to love here. If are a fan of paranormal or fantasy, there is much to love here. If you need some romance in your books, that is here too. It's also a fairly clean read yet mixed in is plenty to appeal to an older audience. I've loved this series from start to finish and can't wait to see what Merrick has up his sleeve for us next.