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U.K. Kink (British Invasion #1) - Silence O'Shea 4.5 StarsI don't have the best history with stand alone novellas. I tend to stay away from them because I have a hard time becoming invested in the characters in such a short time. That being said...My mind is now blown. I did not have even the slightest problem becoming invested in the characters of O'Shea's U.K. Kink. Any of them, and there are a bunch. Five hot stripping men, one quirky caretaker, her hilarious best friend and a gay hairdresser - you know, for balance.O'Shea does a great job of giving enough background into the characters while still progressing the story in a timely fashion. U.K. Kink is not a lengthy novella at only 86 pages, but it gives the impression that it is much longer. A ton happens. A ton of silly endearing moments and a ton of hot steamy and kinky sex.Seriously, strategically set up some fans around you when you read this because you will be overheated. In the stickiest, sweetest way.Beyond the sex is really a sweet love story between an insecure woman with the task of keeping five foreign male strippers in line and a self assured man just finding out what love is and if it is worth risking your career.While I adored the love story (and hot sex) between Cait and Olly, I don't want that to be the end. I want equally fun and sexy stories for all the boys and for Cait's best friend who's mouthy and a blast. From a little Facebook status I spied today, it looks like British Invasion #2 is well on its way.Therefore, I only have one thing to ask of you Silence O'Shea. Please, please write a full length novel. Pretty please, with sex toys on top? I'm a fan of your voice and I need more, more, MORE!!!