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The Collector - Victoria Scott Dante Walker is a bad, bad demon. After dying in a car accident with his father, he's been resurrected as a Collector. A soul snatcher for Lucifer himself. His job is simple, mark souls when someone sins and after they've soul is more sin than not, collect that soul and deliver to Hell. It's a job he loves, a job he excels at, a job he prides himself on being the best at and after this next job is complete he'll be promoted in a big, big way.It shouldn't be too hard to convince his next target to sin. Charlie is a less than beautiful girl, awkward, a bit nerdy and walks with a limp. Dante just needs to flash his winning smile and amazing charm and this girl will be begging him to let her sin her way to the Underworld. "It's not that I mind the added pressure. I thrive under pressure. No. I thrive under normal conditions. Under pressure, I blow people's minds." Err, or that's what he thinks. It turns out that Charlie is not such an easy target and Dante really isn't enjoying convincing her that selling her soul to be one of the 'beautiful people'. Plus, there are some other players in town messing with his mojo and Dante doesn't know why Charlie, this sweet and caring girl, is such a hot commodity.Scott has dreamed up an absolutely engaging character in Dante Walker. He's arrogant and evil but Charlie sees right through him. She sees the caring and humorous side of him and takes him for what he is. She shows him that the humanity he once had is still there, hidden beneath his demonic ways. "She laughs long and hard. The sound splits open my heart and fills it with candy-coated goodness." The Collector is fast paced, fun fueled, angst riddled fantasy ride. I adored the characters, the situations and the originality of it all. Dante's confidence and snide humor drew me in from the very start and had me giggling throughout. There has been a lot of Dante love spewed around the book world and I can say it all 100% deserved. I am now officially on the Dante Walker love wagon, I've drunk the demon flavored cool-aid - I have zero regrets and will be back for more.