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Northern Bites (Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter, Vol. 2) - Nikki Jefford Aurora is back. Back from a near death experience. Back from a bad break up. Back to her regular routine of lame high school, depressed home life and dangerously hunting down Alaska's blood sucking vampires.Unfortunately, that last one has her paired up with Valerie, the redhead from hell, the sultry and manipulative chick that helped in a big way to Aurora's break up with Fane. Valerie is more determined than ever to get what she wants out of life and that seems to be hooking up with every vampire around, no matter who's heart she leaves in her wake. Aurora's original partner, Dante, is paired up with her friend Noel and sent off on their own mission. Leaving Aurora with Evil Red and a new mentor, Jared. Neither give Aurora the warm fuzzies and when the investigation goes south, she finds that she really can't rely on anyone but herself. Northern Bites gives new perspective to the all the characters you meet in book one. Aurora eventually finds a much needed strength and an inner desire with a mind of its own. Valerie shows, well that she's still a bitch but does have more than a viper personality. Maybe not much more, but it's a start. Dante might just be more than a total flirt. Fane might actually be a total and complete dickwidget. Noel, hmmm. I don't even know where to start with that girl.All the things I wanted in book one came to fruition in Northern Bites. Jefford delivers an action packed, heart thumping, emotional roller coaster ride of a story. There was also a surprising sexiness to Northern Bites, it caught me completely off guard. The end, in what I am coming to expect as typical Aurora fashion, left me wanting more. In a big way. It's not some major cliff hanger type ending that will have you plotting ways to kill off the author. It is the type of ending that leaves you with enough anger, questions and hope to keep this series in your minds 'anxiously awaiting' compartment.Northern Bites was the perfect follow up, even better than the first book and I imagine it is only going to get better from here.