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Shark Out of Water (Grab Your Pole, #3) - Jenn Cooksey If you are already a fan of the Grab Your Pole series, you, like so many of us, have been secretly plotting ways to torture Jenn Cooksey for that cruel, yet epic cliff hanger she delivered to us at the end of The Other Fish in the Sea. I am happy to say, you can stop your evil genius planning now because Shark Out of Water is finally here.I can't, however, say that all the hair you grew back (after pulling it out last round) will still be there by the time you are done with this read. Why? Because, in true Cooksey style, we have been given yet another roller coaster ride of emotions. "And then I left her there, bleeding out, and walked away from the only girl who's ever held a good portion of my heart, and, sadly, probably always will..." Tristan is in agony. He is full of regret, full of anger and on a steep downward spiralCamie is miserable. She is full of questions, full of longing and desperately trying to piece back together her heart.But this isn't Camie's story. Not really. Shark Out of Water is told in the perspectives of all the wonderful boys of the Grab Your Pole series. We get plenty of Tristan's jumbled thoughts as he filters through his emotions and tries to find a way to mend his own broken life. We get plenty of Jeff as he tries to cope with the anger he feels towards someone he's considered a brother. Pete shows us that he may be the only of these boys that can keep a level head in the face of life's chaos. And, most entertaining of all...Brandon. Cooksey gives us so much of Brandon's signature bad boy crass wittiness. "Jesus Christ, I fuckin' love this shit. In fact, is that...? Could it be? Wood? Yep, sure as shit, I've got fight wood. But no...I'm stayin' Swiss. So does that make it Swiss Wood?"Also, in true Jenn Cooksey style, this book is filled with unparalleled humor and passion. Seeing life through the eyes of these boys as they navigates life's murky waters was more wonderful than I can express. Cooksey has created an all star cast of characters with this series and I am so fully invested in their lives.There were many questions answered, some issues resolved and one doozy of a plot twist that came out of nowhere and had my heart all twitterpated (yeah, that is a damn word) with the absolute tenderness of it. I am forever a fan of the Grab Your Pole series and the unique voice Jenn Cooksey has.