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Come Alive - Karina Halle *Spoiler free - but full of fuck. You've been warned*The first book written by Karina Halle that I read was The Devil's Metal. I remember stating in my review, something along the lines of Karina writes her sex scenes like a man. It is a sentiment that held true with me after reading her various ventures into Dex's mind with the novellas The Dex Files and And With Madness Comes the Light. However, after reading Come Alive, an entire novel in Dex's POV, I can honestly say that I believe Karina Halle has been a man in a former life. Maybe even many men in many former lives. Seriously, she seamlessly makes the switch from a female to a male point of view...it's almost scary. Scary good.Scary good is probably the perfect description for Come Alive. Keeping in mind that it is the seventh full length novel and there are a handful of novellas, you would think that perhaps it would be getting a little old, dull or maybe even repetitive. Nope. None of those things. Not even a little bit.Without spoiling much for any of you who have yet to read this series, Dex and Perry are 'ghost hunters' of sorts for an internet show. They venture into creepy ass places and look for a big BOO! They have also run the gamut of emotions in concerns to the relationship they have with each other. Part of that race included the presence of one very enigmatic man named Maximus. Maximus calls himself a ghost whisperer but he's so much more. Maximus entering the Experiment in Terror team deeply changes the dynamic of Dex and Perry. "The universe was conspiring to bring Maximus Jacobs back into my life, and I couldn't figure out why, other than that the universe had a shitty sense of humor and liked fucking me up the ass. Horny bastard."Maximus leads the team to New Orleans for a run of the mill haunted house shoot. What they really find is ghosts, voodoo, zombies, evil and some seriously hot and heavy emotions. Oh yeah, and some seriously scary fucking shit!Come Alive is the scariest book of the series yet, for me. I don't know how Halle does it, where it comes from or how sick her mind must really be to envision everything she writes. But, I don't care ~ I love her for it. She scares the shit out of me, she breaks my heart, she makes me feel the sweet loving moments and then a page later makes me feel like a total perverted guy who thinks with only his little head. "I think you're cute and sexy and gorgeous and outstandingly fuckable. You meet all the requirements for one infuriatingly hot piece of ass, an ass that I'd love to shoot hot-" All these things are experienced in Come Alive. It's a little like a coming of age book with adult characters. While battling ghosties, flesh eaters and voodoo Mombos (and maybe even a big bad snake - eek!) they also have to battle their own fears and skeletons. I loved the direction this installment took.I can't imagine ever not loving something this woman writes. So if you are tired of me gushing and fangirling over her every time she releases a new book...I say ~ it is time for you to get down with the sickness. Grab one of her books, any of them, and you'll understand. But definitely get your hooks into The Experiment in Terror books because they just get better and better and better and.... well, you get the point.P.S. - Random side note here, thanks to Karina for the small reference to my favorite video game series, Mass Effect. Yes, I am a dork like that. And you can just fuck right off if you don't like it. Mass Effect not only lets me shoot shit but I get to fall in love and have hot blue alien sex too. FULL of WIN!