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Addicted to You  - Krista Ritchie, Becca Ritchie Through the first few chapters of Addicted to You, which captures you immediately, I kept wondering if I would hate being a sex addict or if it would really be just amazing. So, maybe I'm a little messed up. But here's the 'thing'. Lily is a sex addict but while she is on the prowl for her next conquest and while she's in the act itself...she is so free, uninhibited and in total control of her body. It was impressive, honestly. I am so used to slut slamming that when I cam across someone who takes such pleasure in sex it was, I don't know - refreshing.But Lily is shameful. It just only kicks in after the act. She's careful to hide her behavior, she's cautious of ever crossing paths again with any of her many one night stands. She doesn't want anyone to know that she can't go a day with out an orgasm or without watching porn and masturbating. So, maybe being a sex addict really would suck. Especially when you can't live your life because of it. Lily is becoming more and more isolated, cutting her family out of her life as much as possible, avoiding anything that remotely resembles friendship and scanning porn sites even while in class. "In a hundred person class, I at least slept with two guys. What does that say about me? Slut, whore. I hear the condemnation." The only person that knows her secret is Lo and he won't tell. Why? Because Lo is an alcohol and has been since for years. Lo has not had the most supportive father and it has taken its tole on his life. He's been in love with Lily for about forever but she has her 'rules' and he's forced to pretend to be her boyfriend. All the while drinking himself into a stupor to avoid dealing with his father's expectations or Lil's addiction.Everything between Lily and Loren changes when they take a weekend family yacht trip and the only person to curb her appetite is Lo. He's more than willing but not if it's a short term deal. Lily is willing to give it a shot and hopes Loren will be enough. But when new people firmly plant themselves into Lo and Lily's life, their fragile picture perfect lie shows wear and cracks and eventually can't sustain. "If I could be enough to fill you, would you let me?"Lo and Lily are so emotionally scarred and mentally unstable you just want to wrap them up, take them home and take care of them. Sometimes you also want to slap the shit out of them, but then you'll be right back to wanting to cuddle them and coo that it will all be okay.I wasn't an immediate fan of the writing style but after a few chapters it really seemed to fit. It's a bit frantic which is exactly what Lily is and by the end I felt totally immersed in her totally messed up mind.Let me say this...Addicted to You was a slow disaster waiting to happen. You see the end coming from pretty early on but it in no way stops you from devouring every fucking page. Not many books move me to tears. Hell, not many books even move me to holding my breath. Addicted to You did both. The end had my heart shattering with the rawness of it all and I will probably be holding my breath a little until the next installment in the series.********************I'm a fan of a good slut and lush book, looks like this might fit the bill.