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On Every Street  - Karina Halle Full review and others can be found at GingerRead ReviewSo, this was what I posted on Goodreads right after I finished reading On Every Street: As ever, Halle has expertly crafted the most fucked up people in the most fucked up situation...and made me love it all. Even knowing how this all ends, I still heard my rattled brain screaming "No, Javier! Don't do it!". Seriously, what is wrong with me? Is there something totally damaged inside of me ~ because I can look past him being a murdering, drug dealing psycho, but not a cheating bastard. I loved Javier up until the scene that I knew existed the entire time. He shows such a tender sweet part of himself tinged with this wild sexual appetite. The things that came out of his... mouth, yes mouth(come on people, get your minds out of the whorehouse). I just couldn't get enough of him. Him on the boat, him in the hotel...just him. And Eden...Oh Eden/Ellie. Loved seeing her more naive bits. But, honestly this was much more about Javier, for me, than Ellie. I'm not even going to attempt to write a 'real' review...I'm raw and I think I need to go curl up in the shower and cry for awhile. On a happier note though, my husband thanks you Karina...for improving his sex life while I read your steamy guys. He'd like you to keep them coming. Haha!! ;) But, that just sucks as a review. I was so gutted though and just could not get any thoughts together. I really felt like just sitting in the corner, fingering my lips and staring at the wall like a lunatic. I'm better (marginally) now so let's see if I can come up with something lik coherent thoughts.It does not matter if you have not read Sins & Needles (but, why haven't you?). On Every Street is a prequel novella. And, if you have read Sins & Needles, you'll already know how OES ends but it won't matter. You'll still be sucked in to Ellie/ Eden and Javier's world.It's a love affair that starts with nothing but lies but grows into such a tangible emotional connection that Ellie is ready to give up her hopes of revenge to build a life with this brutally enigmatic, sexy and dangerous man.I was a full on Camden girl after reading Sins & Needles and though I was very interested in the mystery that is Javier, I never felt my allegiance to Camden would waver. I should have known better. Halle has such a way of making readers fall for even her most vile and villainous characters.Javier is not all bad. Yes, he is a murderous, drug dealing bastard at times. When he isn't that, he is tender, caring, loveable and uber protective. He isn't afraid to pour his heart out, to cry, to plead for the love he so desperately needs. How can you ignore a man like that?In Sins & Needles, Ellie is harder and colder than she is in OES and I loved this about her. I liked seeing more of what made her who she is.I think fans of Sins & Needles will have their hearts torn in two, their brains muddled and their allegiances utterly confused. Enjoy!