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Wicked Beat - Olivia Cunning *Content Warning ~ Wicked Beat does contain some M/M subject matter*Olivia Cunning has, once again, made me fall madly in love with a member of Sinners. Eric has been rapidly finding his way into my heart with the past few books but boy, oh boy, does he make me gush in Wicked Beat.Eric is the wierdo of the group. Which says a lot because Sinners is a very eccentric group of guys. Eric is the one that never gest the girl, the one who is a little too quick to finish, the creeper that watches from the sidelines and constantly makes crude and utterly corn ball jokes. But, he is also the one with the biggest heart and though I love him for his inner mushiness, it is his odd sense of humor and his total insecurity that really lights me up. "Why would you need a camouflaged condom?" Rebekah asked. "So you won't see me coming." Rebekah was just freaking adorable, though she hates to be called that. She's a little spit fire tomboy type and though she's sexy as hell...she doesn't feel it. She's hoping that working with Sinners will garner her the attention of Trey and help her feel like a woman again. Of course Trey gives it the old college try try in typical Trey fashion, which makes my deep love of Trey grow even deeper. He's a smart little shit, that one.Turns out, it's Eric who really makes Rebekah feel alive and she may be the only woman on the planet that keep up with peculiar sense of humor and his even more peculiar sexual desires. The 'games' these two play were hilariously sexy and uh, often. Seriously, if you could bottle that kind of energy there would be a constant line up for it.Wicked Beat being my fourth Olivia Cunning read, I am honestly able to say that I will probably love anything she writes. Even when the characters are annoying me, the story draws me in and I feel completely invested. Cunning has a way with finding the humanity in all of her characters though sometimes it is slow to show itself, it always eventually does. Wicked Beat is another wonderfully sexy and fun edition to the Sinners on Tour series.