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Dirty Little Secret - Jennifer Echols I had numerous problems with this book. Some trivial, some not so much.Bailey is a fiddle player, has been her entire life. It's been her focus forever and she's played the circuit with her younger sister Julie for as long as she can remember. Until a record company showed interest in Julie, and only Julie. Now, Bailey is asked to give up her own dreams and talent as to not tarnish the lime light being cast on her kid sister. She's lost in the world, has little support and no real friends. Until she meets Sam and he pushes her to be who she really wants to be but his motives might be enough to break her heart all over again.I was taken in by the blurb. I thought Dirty Little Secret would be a story of a scarred girl who will be saved by this sweet boy as he shows her how to love herself. But, that isn't really what I got out of Dirty Little Secret. This is what I got:Bailey's parents are horrid people. Truly. They've taught her nothing but pursuing a career with her fiddle but as soon as a contract is dangled in front of them they forbid Bailey to ever play publicly again. More than that, if she doesn't live by the neanderthal rules they set, they won't even pay for her to attend college. Leaving her with no future options. I hated her parents. Bailey didn't though and that too kind of infuriated me.Sam starts off as this great guy but some old skeletons peek out of the closet and we see a different side of him. I could have dealt with his stand offish behavior due to his past. What I couldn't forgive were his tactics when it came to Bailey and an opportunity to garner a little attention from her sisters record company.Also, the relationship between Bailey and Sam was just weird. It was like watching a tennis match, they were just so back and forth and it made me dizzy.Dirty Little Secret just wasn't a book for me. I can see some will find it endearing and the musical aspect was actually pretty fun, just not enough for me to look past all my other issues.*A copy was provided for honest review*