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Manic - J.A. Huss Oh, the trouble you will find...if your name is Rook and you stumble into an erotic modeling career. In Tragic, Rook found herself fleeing from an abusive relationship and finding a place in the world at a reputable, but naughty, photography studio/ modeling agency. She managed to eek out a living, find some friends and maybe even some love with the super hot and a little sketchy, Ronin.Now, with her first modeling campaign behind her, she is starting her second. Only she wasn't very diligent when reading the contract. Oops. She'll have to overcome some big obstacles to survive this one. Completely nude when the artist paints every inch of your body, steamy photo shoots with hot guys that aren't your boyfriend and all under the watchful eye of cameras strategically placed everywhere, allowing no privacy what so ever. Oh, and said boyfriend is pretty pissed about the entire thing and can't even be there to keep an eagle eye on you the entire time. Let the fun begin...Rook really finds her own sense of self in Manic. She's coming to terms with what she wants out of life, she's doing a little soul searching, she's growing as a woman and realizing it is okay to admit when you've totally fucked up. I enjoyed her growth in this chapter of the series. She's not doing it alone though. Ronin is as supportive as he knows how to be. The sketchiness that I found in him during Tragic, completely came to light here. He's got quite an interesting hidden side to him that I found super sexy and he balanced it with some very caring, tender moments. But, she also has Spencer who is so damn sweet he makes my teeth hurt. And, Ford. Sigh... Ford is my kind of asshole. Controlling, calculated, firm. It all comes from a good place though. He really wants to see Rook succeed. Not in modeling so much, just in life. His motives may be totally self serving but his tactics are nothing but entertaining.Unfortunately, the past always has a way of haunting you and in Rook's case it is the stuff of nightmares. When her past catches up to her it may mean that she looses everything she's been fighting so hard for.Huss did a fantastic job at slamming a ton of emotion and action into this volume. It's quite a journey but it never felt rushed. There is something just so smooth about Huss' writing, there is perfect pacing, great character development, the right amount of steaminess that all combined, makes for a pretty awesome ride.