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Dirty Red (Love Me With Lies, #2) - Tarryn Fisher Leah, Leah, Leah.You are a vile bitch. I hated you in The Opportunist, but my feelings have greatly evolved. I now not only hate you, I loathe you. You suck the blood out of my veins and replace it with vomit. I kept reading your story, hoping and praying for some sort of redeeming quality to surface. Any little bit of a quality characteristic would have sufficed, yet it never showed. Your heart is shriveled and black, your soul is empty. You are a disgrace to strong women everywhere.Luckily for me, Dirty Red was a really quick read. I say luckily because (obviously) I am not a fan of this woman and being inside her head really made me feel, well...cruel and dirty. I found myself greatly missing Olivia, who I really wasn't much of a fan of in The Opportunist either. Also, Caleb seemed so different here.But, that is probably the brilliance of this series and the writing of Fisher. She really does well at getting into each of the characters head and showing how they see the people in their lives. Because Leah is so obsessive, Caleb came across way less flawed than I saw him when I was reading Olivia's point of view.There were a lot of details of Leah's past that were brought to light in Dirty Red. I know they were there to give insight as to who she is, why she is the way she is. Unfortunately, I just didn't care and found myself bored with them at times. Maybe it is just because I hate Leah so much or maybe I really just missed Caleb and Olivia's story. I'm not sure.Dirty Red is a good followup to The Opportunist, I would have liked it to be more, but it served a purpose. It did not elicit quite the same emotional response I had to The Opportunist, but it did still incite some major feelings, which only proves that Fisher has an amazing talent and I look forward to more from her.