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Assets (Balance Sheet, #1) - Shannon Dermott You know you are in for a ride when the book opens with two strangers having sex in a nightclub bathroom on New Years Eve. Dermott is the creator of one of my all time favorite book characters (seriously, I want him to be real so he can marry my daughter and give me lots of grand-babies), so I was not surprised when she, once again, delivered great characters.Bailey Glicks is somewhat of a hot commodity. She has said stranger wanting to get to know her more. Her new supervisor is laying on the creepy charm in an attempt to woo her. And after learning of her recent break from her former fiance, a man from her past has show up to lay his cards on the table.It is the stranger, Kalen, that occupies her mind all too often though. There is an animal magnetism between these two and Kalen makes Bailey forget everything she was brought up to know. Steamy. Steamy, is how I would describe Kalen. He's also a little of a controlling and possessive stalker type freak. Which made me love him even more. It's obvious there is more to him than what he shows and I enjoyed trying to puzzle him out.Finding a fraudulent thread of activity at work threatens more than just Bailey's job though. It threatens her relationships and even more dire, possibly her life. Assets is a short read yet full of thrills and chills and super sexiness. It was a brave departure from Dermott's Mature YA series and I feel she pulled it off well. The end is a cliffhanger, and I'm good with that. As long as I don't have too horribly long of a wait for book 2!