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Inhale - Kendall Grey 3.5 StarsIf you can make it past the first quarter of the book, you're in for quite a ride.I should clarify. It isn't that the first part of the book is bad or boring. It is just quite a bit of information to take in. I suggest making sure you have some uninterrupted time to focus on it, to get a feel for the dreamscape and the players.Once you grasp it all, you're in it. It envelopes you in this mysterious, sexy and scary place. Maybe, I should explain a little. When Zoe dreams at night she is another world, where she searches for a whale she failed to help in life. She believes that she has control of this dream world and that everything in it, is not reality. She's so very wrong.When she meets a handsome stranger in her dream and he saves her and helps her...she in turn seduces him. But Gavin knows this isn't just a dream. He also knows that the dangers lying in the Dreaming are just as real in the daytime and seeking out Zoe for real would be like dangling her body over a shark pit. Even though he plans to stay away from a woman he may be falling for, other players are determined to either push them together or tear them apart. For good.The switch between waking and dreaming was expertly done and I love the concept that Grey has come up with. It really has a light and dark feel to it.I won't say it seamlessly written. There were some slow parts, some parts that I just really couldn't find myself caring about. Though overall, Inhale is an exciting journey into a very unique world. I'll definitely be giving the second book a shot.