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Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell If I was asked to describe Rainbow Rowell's writing in one word, that word would be smart. Rowell has a knack for creating uniquely quirky, yet completely real characters. They are all flawed in some lovable way, some have sass, some have whip fast whit, some are happy, some are depressed - all are relatable.After reading Eleanor & Park and falling in love with the style Rowell exudes, I would have been greatly disappointed if Fangirl didn't live up to that same high. Though, Fangirl is not quite on the same lovefest shelf for me as Eleanor & Park, it is damn close.Cath is a mess when starting college. She has always been one half of a pair. Her twin sister, Wren, and her were inseparable growing up. Now, Wren wants space. A little freedom to find out who she is on her own. Cath is comfortable with who she is...as long as no one invades the carefully created bubble she's created for herself.With a new roommate, who is anything but overly friendly and her roommate's boyfriend who is pretty much only overly friendly - Cath finds that letting new people in her life can be a blessing and a complete disaster to her preciously built world.Cath, as a character was easy to like but perhaps not easy to love at times. She has that smart factor that I spoke of but she also has an incredible immaturity. At times, it was distracting and hard to overcome but as the story unfolds, you understand that the adolescent fangirl in her is really a coping mechanism for some pretty rough life lessons that Cath is still struggling with.With her dad falling apart at the seems, her sister in a downward spiral and an unwelcome person from her past all weighing on her, Cath struggles with the day to day college life and it is Levi, her roommate's boyfriend, that she finds a little light in.Levi is one of the coolest, sweetest characters I've read in awhile and I adored him from page one. He's easy, happy and a rock...mostly. He's not perfect, but he is kind of perfect for Cath. He sees her for who she is and accepts her oddities, embraces them.Fangirl is one of those slow burn love stories. There is no instant hot and heavy here, it is a gently simmering coming of age tale written in a sharp, brilliant style. I loved almost every bit of it. The only thing I could have done without was all the fanfiction written in. There was a little too much of Simon Snow's world and though it parallels Cath's world, it just never really grabbed me.*copy provided for honest review*