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Deeper - Blue Ashcroft Well. I made it to the 25% mark before I, sadly, gave up. I found the characters dry and boring from the start but wanted to give it time for them to develop. Unfortunately, that just didn't seem to be happening. I'm a character driven reader, so if I can't find something interesting in them upfront...I'm not going to stick around.The bland characters was not the only problem or even the biggest problem. The biggest problem was the fact that the names of characters changed. Twice, if I was reading correctly and I'm pretty sure I was. I even back tracked to confirm. So, either I am correct and the names were given the big switcharoo or the storyline just didn't make any sense. Either way equals bad for me.I liked the setting and the basics of the plot but it wasn't nearly enough to keep me reading. Don't take my word for it though.*Copy provided for honest review*