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Keeping Secrets in Seattle

Keeping Secrets in Seattle - Brooke Moss Violet Murphy is the type of girl I would liked to have been in my early twenties. You know, just a couple of years ago. ;) Who am I kidding? Violet Murphy is the type of girl I would still like to be. She is comfortable in her own skin, size twelve (gasp) skin no less. She is spunky with a few tattoos and a vintage style. She lives with two of her best friends, who just happen to be a lesbian couple. She works for a drag queen, frequents the local coffee house and has been in love with her best friend, Gabe, since the age of six. On the day Violet has decided to proclaim her eternal love to Gabe, he professes his intent to marry another. Okay, so maybe there are some aspects of Violet's life I don't envy.Determined to move on and keep her relationship with Gabe in tact, Violet opens herself up to the possibility of another man. Landon is great. I mean great. He's a younger, slightly grungier or rustic version of David Beckham with the sweetest heart you could ever find. He's inked up, rides a motorcycle and his idea of the perfect V-day is a trip to a secluded mountain cabin where he cooks dinner under the stars. Uh, yum much?Gabe on the other hand starts off as kind of a Douchey-McDoucheykins. Really. The crap he pulls and lets his fiance pull was an instant turn off. I wanted to throttle the dude and that is the only thing I struggled with while reading Keeping Secrets in Seattle. You see, Gabe is marrying a psycho-lying-bitch and he takes a back seat to her pulling some pretty horrendous stunts. Of course, he doesn't see that about her. Yet, Violet still sees him as Mr. Perfect. Even when she has a real Mr. Perfect lapping at her feet like a loyal (yet sexy) puppy dog. Plus Gabe hardly even has a part in this book. We never really get to know him as he has very little involvement with Vi, he mostly tries to avoid her. I very much dislike being told to love a book boy. I need to see it and feel it. I didn't with Gabe. I did feel it for Landon. Guess who's team I picked to be on? I can see that Violet loves Gabe but I can't for the life of me get behind it myself.I did enjoy the internal battle Violet had, do you tell your best friend all his fiance's dirty little secrets at the risk of losing his friendship forever? Do you tell him the deep dark secret that effects both your pasts, at the risk of opening yourself to some pretty serious pain and heartache? Do you take a shot with a wonderful new man even if part of your heart can never be his? Do you risk it all even if you may lose it all? I can't say I always agreed with the decisions she made. I so didn't, but I could empathize with where her heart was through out all those decisions. Violet is an easy girl to love and Keeping Secrets in Seattle is an easy book like. Like, not love. Unfortunately, because it is a really good story. It just has some faults.This last bit could be considered a spoiler...so if you are like me and don't enjoy spoilers : Quit Reading Now.A personal plea to Brooke Moss ~ Would you please consider writing a second book revolving around the boy who did not get picked? Pretty please with whip cream, cherries, rainbow sprinkles and chocolate sauce on top? I would really really REALLY love it!