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Jealousy (Strange Angels Series #3)

Jealousy - Lili St. Crow Let me preface this by saying that I really enjoyed the first two books in the Strange Angels series and that I do feel invested in the story line enough to look forward to the fourth installment Defiance.However, that said, I was utterly disappointed in Jealousy.When did Dru become such a coward? Was she always that way and I just didn't catch on? She rarely says what she is thinking and never (and I mean NEVER) asks what she really wants or needs to know. In Strange Angels I liked Dru's ability to be fragile and a bit broken but still get things done. She lost that for me in Jealousy. I feel like she should be coming into her own by now, instead she looks to everyone else to make things better. There have been so many hints and teasers but still no real answers. Jealousy doesn't move the story along much. Except for the romance/ love triangle plot, and even that doesn't go far.The flow wasn't there for me in this one either, it just felt disjointed. As if there was so much the writer wanted to touch on without giving too much away, but it just didn't really work. Too much of it just seemed like filler.As I said, I am invested in the series and I do really love the characters of both Cristophe and Graves. I home the fourth book brings me back to the warm fuzzy feelings I had reading the first two.