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Sovereign Hope: Book One in the Hope Series

Sovereign Hope - Frankie Rose 4.5 Stars!!This was so so close to a five star for me, I'll get into why it wasn't later. First let me get to all the good bits (trust me, there are a lot!!).First, lets talk characters ~ Farley Hope is wonderful! She was so easy to like and connect with. She has a quiet strength about her, will easily flip someone's crap right back at them but is still the girl who secretly wants to look pretty for the cute boy. She isn't a typical YA simpering girly-girl ~ she's mature and relatable and I can't wait to see where she goes next.Daniel (*swoon*) is a new favorite book boy of mine! He's distant, harsh at times and has an arrogance that doesn't end. Not like a Jace Wayland arrogance, it's enough to be amusing and intriguing but not overly-obnoxious. The point of view switches to Daniel several times throughout the story and it gives you little glimpses, past the bravado, to who he really is. And who he really is will break your heart. Did I mention he has green eyes? A major weakness of mine!The Scooby Gang ~ Agatha is like your favorite aunt. She's sweet, caring, cute and reliable. You can't help but like her. Aldan has a pretty amazing story and I would have liked to delve into it farther. Tess (the best friend) is just a hoot. Kayden.... oh Kayden. I thought Kayden might be leading us into (gasp) a love triangle. That didn't come to fruition and Kayden does not have a large part in this book. Hope he does in the sequel though because he is super intriguing. The Reavers/ Immortals are interesting. They are cold and calculating and down right scary. Not nearly as scary as the Whytes. Yikes! These are woman who have been forcibly transformed into some crazy, nail scratching, teeth baring, chomp you alive monster. The way Frankie writes is beautiful and it read like a movie playing in my head. I kept reminding myself that this is her first novel. You wouldn't know it by the writing. The world she builds is imaginative, dark, dangerous and I fell head first into it. It moves easily and quickly from the very first page. It's one of those books you stay up late to read. Or, at least I did.So, why not a five star rating? The end. It was abrupt and while there is unfinished business it doesn't have that 'OMG, I NEED to know what happens next' feel. Don't get me wrong, I DO want to know what happens but I'm not screaming that I need the next book right this minute. I would like it in the next few weeks though! Heehee ;)A huge thanks to Frankie Rose for allowing me the pleasure of reviewing this and being part of her blog tour ~ which you should be looking for next month. It is going to be big, big, huge!*A copy of this title was provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest review*