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Partials - 3.5 Stars When I saw a few little blurbs referencing Battlestar Galactica in regards to this book, I thought...Heck Yeah, gotta read this one! I definitely see the connection: Man builds Machine; Man enslaves Machine; Machine rebels...you get the idea. Love the concept! I can totally see us narcissistic humans thinking a perfect remote control army of robots is a good idea. But, hey... if the iPhone 4S has taught us anything, it should be that machines CAN have their own personality and are not always controllable.I am rambling! Back to the book!!IF, you can use a little imagination to get past the fact that the fate of the human race (who are dying via a virus that causes the lack of successful reproduction) lies in the hands of a sixteen year old girl, you may really be able to enjoy this book.I manged it. I enjoyed it.I love a strong young female character and I got that from Kira. Samm was also great, I am a BIG fan of Samm. The other characters left a lot to be desired. Especially Kira's love interest, who frankly didn't interest me at all. And the Senate (government) all just seemed, well like closed minded idiots.I was not all that surprised with the twists and turns the story took, mostly it went somewhere near where I thought it would go. But I enjoyed it none the less. In fact the last quarter of the book I could hardly put it down and I will read the next installment. Sure the story has some holes and some not so realistic situations but it has the potential to grow into something bigger. So here is to hoping the next books in the series fix the quirks while still delivering some great sci-fi YA reads.