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Taste - Kate Evangelista When I read the blurb for Taste I thought this would be another human girl/ vampire boy tragedy filled love story. Boy was I wrong. The night students are not vampires. They are flesh eaters. They are more liken to zombies. Uhh...what? Zombie love story? Yep! And, it works. Evangelista masterfully creates this whole other world of ancient creatures living underground, hiding from the world and starving themselves of their basic need. Human flesh. The story of their existence, their trials and tribulations was fascinating for me. I would love there to be a prequel that focuses more on the back story. I can see so much potential there.Phoenix is a bit of a train wreck even on her best days and when she unwittingly stumbles into the world of Night Students, she doesn't get much better. She's rash, temperamental, excitable, at times selfish and a total roller coaster of emotion. She is also smart, fragile, vulnerable, broken and caring. At times she infuriated me and at times I loved her. Phoenix finds herself the center of a battle of power. Swallowed by lies and betrayals she struggles to find the answers that will save her life and the lives of the people that have invaded her heart.Demitri is your typical Prince Charming. Dashing, caring, willing to sacrifice everything for his duty to his people. Then there is Luka. Luka is not your typical Prince Charming. Oh but he is charming in a roguishly way. I know what you're thinking. Another love triangle? Yes. Well, actually it is more of a love square. But, again...it works. This isn't a typical love triangle, these aren't typical people. Evangelista worked her magic with all the complex characters she created. There was not a one that I did not enjoy reading, even the evil ones!This was a fun, fast paced adventure with a new exciting view of zombies and a new world that sucked me right in. I am oh so glad this one fell in to my lap!!*A copy of this title was provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest review*