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Driving Mr. Dead (Half Moon Hollow, #1)

Driving Mr. Dead - Molly Harper Miranda Puckett is a class A screw up. Not for lack of trying to be something better, she just seems to have the most impossible luck. Ever. Taking on a new job doesn't change her luck. Not even remotely. It does, however, make for quite an interesting and entertaining ride.Driving Mr. Dead is a very short read, or listen in my case. It was only about 5 hours long and it is listed as 160 pages. More of a novella, in my opinion. Even with it being so short, you get a good feel for who Miranda is and what her life has been up to the point of picking up Collin.Collin is like an extreme case of anal retentiveness. He's super particular, uptight, starchy and kind of just dickish. At first. But, spend a couple of days with Miranda and her knack of finding herself in the oddest of situations and Collin can't help but loosen the stick in his ass and the cage around his heart.I had read Harper's Jane Jameson series and liked the humor in it. She delivers once again with Driving Mr. Dead. I giggled through a good portion of it and my only complaint would be the length. I would have liked to see more of the developing relationship between Miranda and Collin.If you're looking for a super quick, fun, witty read complete with pink boobs, exploding cars and stolen spiced peaches...as well as interesting characters and a sweet romance...look no further.Quick note on the narrator, Amanda Ronconi, she does a fairly decent job overall. Though her voice for Collin was a tad odd. Yes, he's stiff (ha!) but it was a little much at times.