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Waiting for Mercy (Cambion, #2) - Shannon Dermott Waiting for Mercy is book two in the Cambion series. In book one, Beg for Mercy, Mercy learns she is half Succubus demon. This opened her up to a whole supernatural world she never new existed and put her in the center of a battle for her life and the lives of those she loves. She didn't come out of it unscathed and neither did anyone else.She was sent to hell and saved my boy number four in her life, Sebastian.In my review of Beg for Mercy (here), I described boys number 1-3. Luke (White Chocolate) is Mercy's boyfriend. He is also a Nephelim and being with Mercy is a sure sentence of exile. Flynn (Dark Chocolate) is a Cambion too, he is half Incubus demon. He's also gorgeous and a bad boy with an extremely sweet side. Paul (Milk Chocolate) is Mercy's good friend and was her first boyfriend before she almost killed him with her Succubus kiss.I didn't even mention Sebastian in my review for Beg for Mercy as his part was so much smaller than the others. However, he plays a much bigger role in this part of the tale. Shannon asked me what his flavor was, I think he is pure Raw Chocolate, unprocessed and unmixed. Sebastian is all demon and makes no qualms about it. He's unique and mysterious. We don't really know his intentions or motives for being in Mercy's life but he sure makes a strong presence.Life hasn't gotten any easier for Mercy. The boys still flock to her, everyone still keep endless secrets from her and now some close to her may be in for a supernatural change that could affect all their lives. As well, a new enemy enters the scene and causes major havoc as well as one hell of a cliff hanger.Where as the first book was more about Mercy, this one really was more about the boys. We learn much more about all of them and who they truly are and what they are capable of. I became an even bigger fan of Flynn with this book and perhaps, slightly, less of a fan of Luke. My feelings on Paul are still insubstantial and Sebastian has me on the fence.There is also more of Mercy's demon in this story. She is fighting her way to the surface and is able to take control, but what she wants does not align with what Mercy wants. She is a whole other problem for Mercy. I loved the moments when she took over...she's in need and not getting what she craves. It was fun watching her play.Once again, I fell for these characters and though the story felt a bit like a set up to the next one, it was still filled with enough drama and substance to keep me speed reading through it. I truly can not wait to see what happens next.