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No Mercy (Cambion, #2.5)

No Mercy (Cambion, #2.5) - Shannon Dermott I am not just a book lover, I am a character lover. At times, when you read from only one perspective it can be hard to truly get a feel for all the other characters. That was never a problem for me with Shannon Dermott's Cambion Series. Yet, Shannon takes character development a step above. Not only did she deliver us this little nugget of joy written in the point of view of two of the boys (my two favorites) - but she also occasionally uploads random chapters written from another POV on her blog. It's an incentive for her readers to continue to read and post reviews of her books. But, I digress. No Mercy is Flynn and Luke's story of a their weekend getaway. It happens before Beg for Mercy, the first book in the series. Before they have any involvement with Mercy, though they are both very aware and infatuated with her.It gives us a nice chunk of insight on how things came into play with these two boys and Mercy, even without her being in this story. We also get to know Luke and Flynn more and there is the appearance of a few new characters, who I imagine will be playing a role in the next installment of the series.No Mercy is a great addition to the series and I would recommend it to anyone who is already a fan. I enjoyed it but I think I have more questions coming out of it than I did going into it. It definitely has me thinking, which is probably the point. I am now even more anxiously awaiting the next book!