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Pretty When She Destroys - Rhiannon Frater Everything comes together perfectly in Pretty When She Destroys, the third installment in Rhiannon Frater's Pretty When She Dies series.Amaliya has really found herself, she is understanding her role in the power struggle between evil and well, more evil. She's understanding her gifts and embracing them. She is also coming to terms with her relationship with Cian, as well as his cabal.She will need the combination of all these things to conquer The Summoner. He's amassing power and followers and the end is nearing, quickly. Amaliya knows the fate of the world falls on her shoulders and she'll do anything to save it.What I loved most in Pretty When She Destroys was where my thoughts on Samantha traveled. I honestly could not stand her in the first two books but that's all changed. She is a total little poofy pink badass now and I never expected to like her, but I do. Other characters who were introduced in book two, are much more developed now as well. Most notably, Cassandra. The relationship that forms between her and Cian was so sweet, it was cool to see the fatherly side of Cian. He's always been protective of those in his life but it is different with Cass.There were also some new powers introduced and developed. The addition of magical elements and ghosts was most entertaining.Aside from the character growth, which is stellar, was the action. The battles were supremely epic and when the shit wasn't hitting the fan, the pages were filled with tender, endearing moments from many of the characters.Pretty When She Destroys is the perfect combination of action, drama, love and hot, steamy sexiness.*Copy provided by author for honest review*