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The Other Fish in the Sea (Grab Your Pole, #2)

The Other Fish in the Sea (Grab Your Pole, #2) - Jenn Cooksey 4.5 StarsSo, I am not going to lie and say this will be an easy review to write. It won't be. This book was somewhat of a roller coaster ride. Sometimes you love it and sometimes you just want to puke your fucking guts out.Cooksey deceived me quite thoroughly. In Shark Bait, we had a sweet and slightly tumultuous story of young love. Filled with amazing characters and quick whit that all ended as a nice tidy package. Complete with pretty bow. I like pretty bows.The Other Fish in the Sea brings us more insight to all the other characters. Most notably Kate and Jillian. Kate's story veered to a place I didn't expect and Jillian's? Whoa boy, that girl. Jillian is still the one of the best characters ever written. Ever. Did I mention ever? Like of all time? She is hilarious but in the least obnoxious and most under rated sort of way. She's frickin' brilliant, she knows everything and is everywhere. She is like part cat, part ninja, part super model and part...I don't even know...someone really smart. Einstein maybe. Her story also took me somewhere I didn't expect and I am a tad (more than that) unsettled about it.But these aren't the folks you want to hear about right? You want to know about Camie and Tristan. Camie and Tristan are in the same boat (teehee) as they were in Shark Bait. Still trying to figure out how a relationship between a recovering man whore (he chooses a different term, but it means the same) and an uber innocent chick manages the long haul. Well, I can tell you this...it takes a ton of tears, anger, sexual frustration, bravery and alcohol. Not necessarily in that order and not necessarily to the benefit of a healthy happy relationship.Needless to say, it is still tumultuous.But, holy hell did I love it? Yes, yes, OH YES!!!!Until, I didn't. Then I hated it. I hated a certain un-named character. I hated Jenn Cooksey. I hated the blogger whom I first saw this book from.Yeah, I was emotional.I'm over it now. Sort of. A little. Okay, not completely. I don't hate or want to maim anyone but I may still be having dreams about how this horrific cliff hanger of an ending winds up. And really, could you ask for more from a book? I say no. I say, thank you Jenn Cooksey for writing fictional love bugs that I can't seem to get enough of and who spark my imagination.