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Rush Me

Rush Me - Allison Parr Full review on GingerReadRush Me is one of those books that may not blow your socks off but will still keep you turning the pages.Rachael is a young woman trying to break her way into the publishing world, she's a good girl at heart. Inexperienced in life and love and has a heavy insecurity when it comes to relationships with men. But, we probably all would if our first love broke up with us to become a priest and the only other man you were with had a girlfriend. Yeah, I think I would have some pretty major walls built up too. Rachel is also fiercely stubborn, book smart and spends, perhaps, too much time reading feminist blogs. This makes her come across as an uppity elitist and well, a bitch. But her witty bitchiness was something I found entertaining and I could see that it was not coming from a rude or hateful place. She's just socially naive and very defensive.Rachel, unknowingly, crashes an NFL party and stumbles into Ryan Carter while he is in the midst of (ahem) a compromising position. Shortly after, he hits on Rachel in a way that makes her feel nothing if not cheap. The relationship starts off on very shaky ground, to put it mildly. But Ryan is not quite the man Rachel imagines he is. He is actually very sensitive, caring and extremely protective, when he allows himself to be.Both Rachel and Ryan have some fantastic qualities but they are also extremely rude to each other. I can see how this would completely turn some people off but honestly, I enjoyed it. They are passionate and heated and I recognize much of myself in them. Maybe that's a fault I should work on, eh? Hmm, we'll think that through some other time.What I enjoyed most is that the relationship took time. There was an obvious physical attraction but Rachel refused to act on that and let her addled brain work through the infatuation first.Rush Me takes a somewhat cookie cutter approach to romance novels. Rocky start, passion ignites, anger fueled break up of sorts until someone finally makes a grand gesture. But there are a few added elements that keep it a little more interesting. However, some of those elements where just a bit silly and childish.I'm somewhere on the fence here. I liked many things about Rush Me, the characters and the writing style in particular. There were just a couple of issues that seemed too immature and hurtful that kept me from really loving Rush Me. All in all, it is a fun quick read and I think many romance fans will enjoy it.