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Jet (Marked Men, #2)

Jet (Marked Men, #2) - Jay Crownover In the first Marked Men book, Rule, readers were introduced to Ayden, a spunky and confident chick. As well, as Jet who was the mysterious, almost broody, rock star. Those first impressions were pretty far from what was delivered in book two, Jet.Not that it is a bad thing. I actually was not a big fan of Jet in the first book and, honestly, wasn't sure I would be grabbed by his story. Boy, was I wrong. I fell hard for his story. I think, because even though he looks edgy and hard, he is really so very tender. Melted me instantly. He's troubled, sure but he knows what he wants, what he has to offer and that he isn't willing to let the people he cares about get hurt. Even if that means he sets his own heart aside.Ayden, on the other hand, lost a bit of her spark. I still liked her but she wasn't the same little firecracker that she had been. I can attribute a good portion of that to the fact that this book really delves into her background and it isn't a happy place but I wanted her to fight back more. I was rooting for her and it took her a long time to hear my cheers.Crownover has a knack for writing good natured characters with a dark or broken side to them. Which, are my favorite type of characters. So far, the Marked Men series is delivering great characters who, on the surface don't fit together but find a way to look past that and work from the heart. It's full of gritty bad boys and (maybe not so) sweet good girls finding out that opposites can and do attract and maybe love really does conquer all.*copy provided for honest review*