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Real Ugly (Hard Rock Roots, #1)

Real Ugly (Hard Rock Roots, #1) - C.M. Stunich Real Ugly will be one of those books that many will absolutely love and others will absolutely hate. I find it hard to believe that there will be many middle-grounders. I am one that both loved it and hated it. I have no damn idea how I will be able to rate this book...Naomi is a bitch. Mostly, it is a shell. Her armor. She's like a Bitch Turtle. Her outside is tough but her inside is fairly mushy. She's had a shitty life, like...really total crap. So, it is easy to see why she is the way she is. She hides behind lies, half truths, drugs and her rock n' roll lifestyle. Music is all she has left to hold on to. Which is why she's agreed to this tour, traversing the country in a caravan of other rock groups. Headed up by the popular Indecency and their face piece, Turner. The one guy from her past that still haunts her every day.Turner is an ass. A prick. A total man whore. He's like a Dick Dolphin. (Seriously, dolphin's will have sex with anything...they don't discriminate.) He's border line absolutely disgusting, make you want to puke, sick-nasty. On the outside he's a gorgeous, inked up, rock god. On the inside he's kind of just rotted and diseased. He is determined to have everyone respect him, though he seems to respect no one and when Naomi shows him that she has nothing but undiluted hate and contempt for him...well, it's game on. Only, he's too self obsessed to realize that all his tactics are so truly backwards.Luckily, I like characters that are damaged, demented and just plain wrong. So, as messed up as these two are and as stupid as their decisions are; I was still absorbed in their story. The synopsis is slightly misleading, Real Ugly is not just a couple of screwed up rock stars fighting love. There is so much past history that comes in to play and turns this contemporary dark love story into a contemporary dark love thriller.I can't say I was huge fan of the writing. It didn't always flow for me and there are probably a few spots that could just be edited out completely for pacing sake but those are very few and far between.So, let's get to that ending. Yep, there is a huge ass cliff hanger. Like if Kim K and Nikki Minaj's asses had a baby ass - yeah, that's how big this cliffy is. Of course that is going to garner some haters. Me personally, I liked it. It made me like the book even more. Why? I'm not sure Real Ugly would have stuck with me if ended on a happy note. I would probably have just stayed focused on how much I kind of hated Bitch Turtle and Dick Dolphin. Now, I am focused on that ending and what the hell is going to happen in Get Bent, the next book.Now, I want Dick Dolphin to redeem himself and Bitch Turtle to break away from her past. Then, they can live happily ever after making weird animal babies.I think this one is getting a 3.5 star rating, mostly due to the ending.