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Heart of Iron

Heart of Iron - Bec McMaster Vampires, werewolves and automotons ~ oh my! Kiss of Steel, the first book in the London Steampunk series grabbed my attention in a pretty big way. Full of great characters, intrigue, sexual tension and a new take on the supernatural. Heart of Iron further strengthened my love of this series.Admittedly, I was not a big fan of Lena in the first book. She was whiny and pined for her past privileged life. Therefore, I was tad bit leery starting Heart of Iron. I could not have been more wrong about Lena though. She is not a whiny little tart who just wants a fancy life. Yes, she enjoys the fancy gowns and balls that society life gives her. But what she really wants is a better life for the lower class and the enigmatic Will Carver to finally realize he loves her.Will is verewulfen. Being inflicted with the loupe is a lonely life. He's never been with a woman and has never worried over that. Except where Lena is concerned. She has crawled her way under his skin but he's terrified to transmit his disease, so avoids her at all costs.As with every good love story, circumstances thrust Will and Lena together. Will become fiercely protective and I loved it. It is exactly what I want from a strong wolfy man. But underneath his fierceness is such a sweet and damaged soul.Lean, oh Lena. What a strong headed and determined heroine she turned out to be. She surprised me time and time again with her tenacity and smarts. Again, nothing at all like anticipated her to be.What sets Heart of Iron apart from Kiss of Steel is the amount of intrigue. There were so many more layers to the politics and happenings and a few new very interesting characters emerged. If you love the supernatural served with a dash of steampunk Old London and a healthy side dish of steamy sex...you'll enjoy the London Steampunk series.