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Hot Ticket: Sinners on Tour

Hot Ticket: Sinners on Tour (The Sinners on Tour) - Olivia Cunning Full review, and others, can be found at GingerRead ReviewAlthough the Sinners on Tour books could probably be read as stand alone novels, I have been reading them in order. Let me clarify that, in the order the author has intended them to be read. The publishing schedule has been different and confusing for many. Read them in this order: Backstage Pass, Rock Hard, Hot Ticket, Wicked Beat (not yet published), Double Time.I loved Backstage Pass ~ Brian and Myrna were a ton of fun to read. Brian especially as he looks like the typical rock star but is such a softie that it was unexpected and so sweet to read. Rock Hard on the other hand did not really fulfill me. I was not a big fan of the lead female and the story seemed more about the sex than anything else. Yes, I realize I was reading an erotic adult novel...still, a little plot is nice.Throughout the first two books we are given insight on the other Sinners band members. Trey, Eric and Jace. Hot Ticket is Jace's story and it is a good one. Much more emotional and darker than the first two, it pulled me under water immediately.Jace is a tortured soul; he had a horrible childhood and has become so insecure because of it. Aggie didn't have the best upbringing either but has learned to cope and now wants nothing more than to help Jace heal his scars. I was so entranced by both these characters. Jace is like a wounded puppy that you just want to cuddle but has such a hard exterior and closes himself off to everyone. Aggie is so attuned to the needs of others and has a remarkable ability to make people feel better. I'm really not sure how anyone could not like these two.As for the writing... I imagine Olivia Cunning must spend hours 'researching' on the internet. My goodness, the things this woman comes up with! I am pretty sure Cunning could make the most daring sexually experienced people blush a little. Hot Ticket travels the path of dominance, a bit of bondage and lot of pain mixed with the pleasure. But Cunning uses these things not just for sexual release but also a way to punish yourself for your past and then heal from it too. I really enjoyed how she wove it all together.As with all the books in the Sinners series, the sex scenes are long, often and take an intricate role in the story. However, as mentioned earlier, Hot Ticket has a great story buried beneath the sex and is well worth the read.