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Transfusion (Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter, #1)

Transfusion (Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter, #1) - Nikki Jefford Being a big fan of all things fangy (or is it fangie or fangish...whatever) I jumped at the chance to get my hands on Transfusion: Aurora Sky Vampire Hunter. Girl nearly dies, girl gets saved by Government Agents, girl turns into lethal vampire killing machine, girl falls in love with blood sucking hottie. What's not to jump at there? It's like a Buffy and Alias mash up. Yes, please!!We meet Aurora in the midst of her ho-hum senior year where she has big dreams of moving away from Freezer Burn, USA and heading to Notre Dame for college. Dreams of slinking away from her ever- present mother and noticeably absent father; starting fresh, starting new, starting her own life.Funny how all your plans change when you die. A super secret sect of the government picked Aurora out of the wreckage of a car accident, put her back together and injected her very rare blood with a vampire virus along with an antidote to keep her just human enough. Just human enough for them to train her to be a serial slayer.Now, Aurora does not go from 0 to 60 in warp speed. She starts off confused, disbelieving and angry. But when she is thrown to the wolves (or vampires, as the case may be) it is catch on quick or die. Again.Once Aurora begins to come to grips with how her life has changed, she becomes such a fun character. She has this dry sense of humor that I really enjoyed and the rebelliousness she finds was endearing. Her goals go from remarkably lofty to just plain pathetic. Her New Year's resolution is a short list of firsts: kill a vampire, get drunk, kiss a boy, lose virginity. And let me tell you, Jefford holds back nothing on the virginity scene. It is the most realistic take on a girl 'losing it' that I've ever read in a book. So any virgins out there that want to know what it's really like, read this book!Fane is a conundrum. He's snarly and almost creepy one minute then the most gentlemanly sweetheart the next. There is a lot to question where Fane is concerned but it just makes him all the more alluring. There is definitely more than meets the eye with this guy.There are heart pounding moments spread throughout the book and a ton of very interesting characters that we get brief glimpses of. Transfusion is the perfect set up to what will be a very fun and addictive series; complete with action, intrigue, angst and forbidden love. The ending will have you chomping (at the neck) for more, I know I am!